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 DJ Class 

Caffeine Academy’s DJ classes have helped over 1000 students to become well rounded DJ’s. Our DJ curriculum allows all ages and abilities to learn. This innovative curriculum enables our students to achieve the ultimate DJ experience. They will learn how to mix, beatmatch, create playlists, mash up songs and use Serato. We offer one on one instruction or group classes. Classes are offered in person at our state of the art facility or virtually via Zoom.

DJ 1

Introduction Curriculum

Learn: Mixing, Beatmatching, Scratching, Playlists & More

DJ 2

Intermediate Curriculum

Learn: Remix and Mashup Songs, Serato Video Mixing & More

DJ 3

Advanced Curriculum

Learn: CDJ’s, Rekord Box, Wiring, Setting Up & More

Private classes $100 per hour. Group classes $75 per hour (5 or more people)

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